Workshop Plan Module 6

Module 6 PTRA- Plan, Teach, Reflect, Adjust


Nine Events

Description of Instructional Event

PowerPoint Slides or Handouts

1. Gain attention

 A great wind blows.. Activity


2. Inform learners of objectives

By the end of the module, you will be able to:

  • plan, teach, reflect, and adjust lesson plans to promote effective communicative language practice in their classrooms
  • develop an effective lesson plan for English learners that teaches language through meaningful context and promotes communicative interaction using engaging activities
  • design effective lesson plans for English learners using the following steps: warm up, presentation, practice, application, and wrap up

3. Stimulate recall of prior learning

Concentric circle Activity





4. Present the content

Demonstrate the Video 1: Writing Good Objectives

After watching the video ask participants to complete the sentences

Video 2: Sequencing Activities

Video 3: Activating Your Reflective Teaching



5. Guide learning 

Read Article 2: PTRA: Plan, Teach, Reflect, Adjust by Woomee Kim


6. Elicit performance (practice)


  • What are some examples of communicative lesson plans you have used successfully in your teaching context? What is your favorite communicative lesson plan that you have taught? Explain why.


  • If you do not use communicative lesson plans yet, what aspects would you like to improve, either from “PTRA” or “Six-Steps of Lesson Planning”?


  • What are the challenges in creating communicative lesson plans for your learners?

7. Provide feedback

KWL chart


8. Assess performance

Exit tickets

Participants complete exit tickets

9. Enhance retention and transfer

 Ask participants to think of a lesson they would like to teach and use the Six-steps of lesson planning and design a communicative lesson in detail, consider what activities they might want to use to teach the content and promote communication in their classroom.



Video 1

Video 2

Video 3



PTRA- Plan