TESOL International TCCP Regional Training in Bukhara

July 30, 2021

Bukhara is the third region out of six where TESOL Core Certificate Program (TCCP) was coordinated by the English Speaking Nation: Secondary Teacher Training Program (ESN: STT) program of American Councils for International Education and delivered by TESOL International Association (TESOL).  

Between June 30 and July 26, two ESN U.S. Coaches – Briana Rogers and Alicia Bradley, delivered sessions consisted of six modules named Specialty Course: Adolescent Learners for 27 Regional Peer Members (RPMs). These RPMs who are Secondary School Teachers of English arrived from various regions of Bukhara and Navoi (Karmana, Kyzyltepo, Ramitan, Navoi city, Nurota, Bukhara city, Gijduvan, Kanimex, Jondor, Vobkent, Zarafshon) to continue the second part of TESOL Core Certificate Program.

Yarasheva Nigora from Bukhara, who works at School #3, shared her impression about the sessions: “This course has changed my teaching style. I have learned so much from our Coaches Briana and Alicia. I admire their modeling while presenting modules because efficient classroom management is one of the crucial aspects of teaching. We gained valuable knowledge, beginning from the foundation course to teaching and assessing Adolescent learners. Now we know about students’ development, how to use this knowledge and properly adapt to our classes. We are so excited and looking forward to implementing and sharing it with our colleagues”.

It was highlighted that the following activities were made enthusiastically by the RPMs: demonstrating multiple intelligences by making living statues, sharing information about adolescent learners, working on a jigsaw reading as ESN Coach Alicia Bradley monitors, creating infographics about using media for teaching, and give feedback to their peers.

The U.S. Coach Briana Rogers stated: “Bukhara-Navoi TTCP was a huge success with 24 teachers finishing the program.  The teachers worked hard to finish the full courses on foundations and adolescent learning. By the end, these RPMs were able to connect theory to practice and to show how they would implement what they had learned in their classes.”

Both U.S. Coaches - Briana Rogers and Alicia Bradley, who conducted these sessions, are very experienced and have been working in the field of TESOL for almost two decades. Their biographies are available on the following sites: www.esn-teachers.org/users/abradley and www.esn-teachers.org/users/brogers.