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Ziyoda Abdurasulova is from the Tashkent region. She received her bachelor's degree in English Philology from the Uzbek State World Languages University in 1999. She had been teaching English for 19 years at the lyceum when she started to work at the school in her town. Nowadays, she is an English teacher of the highest category at School #12 in Yangiyul. Some of her pupils won a regional knowledge contest and also got their IELTS certificates. She worked with a Peace Corps volunteer from the USA in 2000. In 2017 she was in a teacher training course in England. She can teach English in both Russian and Uzbek. She is really interested in teaching English for pupils. As a Regional Peer Mentor-Teacher, she is looking forward to getting new experience in teaching from native English teachers. Furthermore, she would like to find out more interesting methods of teaching and also develop her skills.

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