Albina Khayretdinova

Cohort 1
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Secondary School #29
Roles:Core Teacher Trainer

Albina Khayretdinova received a bachelor's degree in teaching foreign languages from SamSIFL in 2002. She has been an English teacher at Samarkand City School #29 since 2003. She serves as an English teacher trainer to enhance public school foreign language teachers' professional development in Uzbekistan. Albina passed the CEFR test two times with high marks and is a member of UzTEA in Tashkent. She is an active participant in different seminars and training courses and holds a number of certificates for her work achievements.

As a Core Teacher Trainer, she is looking forward to continuing her professional growth and becoming a more qualified, modern, and creative-minded teacher. She aims to introduce the CEFR, discuss classroom management, and make the subject accessible to teachers and students.

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