Briana Rogers

Cohort 1
Roles:U.S. Coach

Briana Rogers is originally from Canyonville, Oregon, USA. She received her MA in English Language Teaching from the University of East London. Before joining the English-Speaking Nation: Coaches Program, Briana served as an English Specialist and private contractor for the U.S. State Department. She also worked as a teacher-training coordinator for English Language Consultants and the British Council training trainers and primary school teachers in Tunisia and spent two years in Laos as an English Language Fellow with the U.S. Embassy Laos. She was also a leading English Language Consultant for the Ministry of Education Malaysia with their upscaling of primary school English teacher's program. Briana began teaching English as a means to travel and get a more in-depth experience of cultures but came to love teaching. She is interested in brain-based teaching strategies, using visible learning skills in EFL, low resources teaching and program curriculum development. She progressed onto teacher-training because she believes quality education requires quality teachers who have confidence in themselves and strong peer support. She has been working in the field of TESOL for 20 years.

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