TESOL International TCCP Regional Training in Uzbekistan

July 12, 2021

From June 30 till July 26th, the English-Speaking Nation: Secondary Teacher Training Program (ESN:STT) is conducting the in-person TESOL Core Certificate Program (TCCP) for 167 selected Regional Peer Mentors (RPMs) in various regions of Uzbekistan, including Namangan, Fergana, Samarkand, Bukhara, Nukus, and Tashkent. The TCCP was implemented by American Councils for International Education and delivered by TESOL International Association (TESOL). During the summer and fall period, 140 more RPMs are expected to take part in upcoming TCCP sessions.

ESN:STT offers an integrated professional development opportunity for English language teacher trainers and secondary school English language teachers in Uzbekistan. ESN:STT is a program of the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Uzbekistan and implemented by American Councils in close cooperation with the Ministry of Public Education in Uzbekistan.

In addition to 93 Core Trainer Teachers (CTs), American Councils have identified 850 Uzbekistani English teachers who will serve as RPMs. Three hundred seven of the most qualified RPM teachers have been selected to take part in the prestigious TESOL TCCP training and earn an internationally recognized TCCP Certificate valued at $2,000. These 307 teachers will serve as the second tier of regional teacher trainers that will eventually conduct their own teacher trainings to over 15,000 English teachers countrywide.

Throughout July and August, four TESOL instructors, together with seven American Coaches from the ESN: Coaches Program, deliver seven concurrent TCCP courses in regional cities. One of the TESOL instructors, Matthew Schaefer, shared his impression about the TCCP sessions that he conducts currently in Nukus: “Gathering with teachers from all over Uzbekistan was an incredibly inspiring and enriching experience. I was able to work closely with teachers from regions far and wide. As we start this month-long intensive program, I feel so inspired by how excited everyone is. Even though we are entering summer break, the teachers have all told me how excited they are to get back into the classroom and put new ideas and activities into practice, and share with their students in more active and engaging ways. I am amazed at how determined this group of teachers is. Their deep commitment to public education and to their country is inspiring, and I am deeply grateful to be so welcomed here and feel connected to such a bright and beautiful land.”

Following the summer TCCP training, TESOL will send four English Language Coaches to Uzbekistan for the 2021-2022 academic year and together with the seven American ESN Coaches will observe, mentor, and guide the CTs and RPMs. Both TESOL and the U.S. Coaches will provide continuous professional development support and feedback to Uzbekistani English teachers throughout the academic year.



Locations for July TCCP in regions