TESOL International TCCP Regional Training in Nukus

July 21, 2021

Between June 30th and July 26th, the English-Speaking Nation: Secondary Teacher Training Program (ESN: STT) program is conducting the TESOL Core Certificate Program (TCCP) for 115 of the 307 selected Regional Peer Members (RPMs). The TCCP trainings were coordinated by American Councils for International Education and delivered by TESOL International Association (TESOL).

Throughout July and August, four TESOL instructors, together with seven U.S. Coaches from the ESN: Coaches Program, are conducting six concurrent TCCP courses in the following regions of Uzbekistan: Namangan, Fergana, Samarkand, Bukhara, Nukus, and Tashkent.

Together with the U.S. Coach Mina Gavell, TESOL instructor Matthew Schaefer are delivering TCCP training in Nukus to 23 RPMs from various regions of Karakalpakstan and Khorezm, including Nukus, Kegeyli, Khodjeyli, Shimbay, Kanlikul, Urgench, Shavat, Koshkopir, and Yangibozor.

Mayliyeva Gulmira, English language teacher at school #23 in Shavat, Khorezm region, shared her impression about the TCCP sessions: “As the participant of this TCCP course, I would like to say that this course gave us a great chance to be taught from the knowledgeable native speaker teachers and to share ideas with selected, experienced English language teachers from Karakalpakistan and Khorezm region. Taking part in this course, personally, I got a lot of information and gained very heplful experience.” Another RPM - Ayzada Kalmuratova who works as an English Teacher at School N28 in Nukus expressed her gratitude: “A modern and convenient form of training is letting us feel ourselves more confident and feel proud of to be an English teacher. Professionalism of the instructors are fantastic! I have never met such amazing people! We do hope to justify your trust in us!”


One of the TESOL instructors, Matthew Schaefer said: “Gathering with teachers from all over Uzbekistan was an incredibly inspiring and enriching experience. I was able to work closely with teachers from regions far and wide. As we start this month-long intensive program, I feel so inspired by how excited everyone is. Even though we are entering summer break, the teachers have all told me how excited they are to get back into the classroom and put new ideas and activities into practice, and share with their students in more active and engaging ways. I am amazed at how determined this group of teachers is. Their deep commitment to public education and to their country is inspiring, and I am deeply grateful to be so welcomed here and feel connected to such a bright and beautiful land.” Matthew Schaefer received his Bachelors degree in English & Creative Writing from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Matt completed two years of Americorps service volunteering with the educational non-profit Reading Partners. Matt traveled to Costa Rica and completed his SIT TESOL certificate at Centro Espiral Mana, where he has served as the Director of Student Programming and a volunteer English Teacher for 5 years.