Workshop Plan Module 10

Module 10 Managing cooperative activities


Nine Events

Description of Instructional Event

PowerPoint Slides or Handouts

  1. Gain attention


3 minutes

Introduce the theme of the session on PPT slide


2. Inform learners of objectives


2 minutes

By the end of this module, participants will be able to:

  • describe the purpose and benefits of project work and cooperative activities in the language classroom
  • explore various ways to develop and present project work and cooperative activities to and for all students
  • exchange ideas for project work and cooperative activities that work well for all learners
  • develop project ideas and cooperative activities that can be modified for multiple units of study using checklists, rubrics, collaborative work guidelines/expectations
  • reflect on ways to adapt and differentiate project work and cooperative activities for all learners

3. Stimulate recall of prior learning


20 minutes

Create a foldable

First, you will need three pieces of paper for each participant.

Next, line up the papers so that they overlap, with a small “tab” left for each color.

Then fold the paper over so that you get six tabs in all, and staple the top to make it into a book.

Now it is time to label the cover and the tabs. Participants write on each page.


4. Present the content 20 minutes

Video 1: Grouping Students for Activities and Establishing Guidelines for Participation

Video 2: Strategies for Successfully Managing Projects and Activities


5. Guide learning


Thumbs up/down Activity

15 minutes


Article  Thinking Through Collaborative Projects in the Language Classroom by Kelley Webb

Article 3: Minimizing the chaos through cooperative classroom management by Gena Rhoades


6. Elicit performance (practice)




15 minutes

Ask participants following questions and have a discussion

  • What are your beliefs about cooperative learning activities in the language classroom?
  • What challenges and successes have you had with managing student project work and/or cooperative activities?
  • What fears or uncertainties do you have about implementing project work and cooperative activities in your class(es)?

Participants create a new or adapt an existing cooperative activity or project using some of the ideas they have learned so far in this module. They use the template below when creating their activity:


Activity/Lesson Name:


Grade level / Unit (if applicable):


Activity/Project Description:

  • The purpose of this activity/project is to...
  • This activity/project is effective for this lesson/unit because…
  • Here are some steps to help you use this activity/project in your classroom…

Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:



7. Provide feedback


 Share the activities

Also consider answering these questions as you share your activity:


  • What worked? Why?
  • What recommendations can you give other teachers for implementing this task?
  • What has worked for you to get ALL students involved in project work and/or cooperative tasks and not just a few students?
  • How have you adapted a project or cooperative activity in order for all students to participate at their language proficiency level?



8. Assess performance


5 minutes


Exit tickets

Participants complete exit tickets

9. Enhance retention and transfer


Homework assigment

 After they share an activity in the group they see their colleagues' activities and find at least one or two new activities in the group that they can use in their next class. Ask them to apply a new activity from this module in their next class. If it is a success tell their colleague "Thank you!" and why it was effective.



Video 1

Video 2



Managing cooperative activities