Workshop Plan Module 5

Module 5 Increasing classroom interaction


Nine Events

Description of Instructional Event

PowerPoint Slides or Handouts

1. Gain attention

10 minutes

 A great wind blows Activity


2. Inform learners of objectives


5 minutes

By the end of the module, you will be able to:

  • describe the importance of student-to-student interaction in a language classroom
  • examine and use a variety of effective activities that promote meaningful interaction in a classroom
  • share different communicative activities that are effective for English learners

3. Stimulate recall of prior learning


30 minutes

Concentric circle Activity





4. Present the content


40 minutes


Demonstrate the Video 1 Increasing Student-to-Student Interaction


Video 2: Find Someone Who Bingo



Video 3: Guiding the Artist




5. Guide learning 


Create graphic organizer


20 minutes

Read Article

Scaffolding Part Two: Supporting Language Production


6. Elicit performance (practice)

40 minutes

Ask participants following question

Have you ever developed any useful activities (or strategies) of your own to give your students practice in spoken English? If yes, write some thoughts down about one activity (or strategy), and explain why it has been effective and useful in promoting interaction among your students.

Consider the following questions as you think about your interaction activity (or strategy):

  • What stage of the lesson have you used this activity (or strategy) and why?
  • How has this activity (or strategy) promoted meaningful communication?
  • What visual aids did you use, if any, to make your activity (or strategy) more interesting and meaningful?

Create an activity (or strategy) that will generate communicative interactions among students. The purpose is to share one idea and receive many others that you can use in the classroom. This is an opportunity to learn new teaching ideas from each other and improve your practice. Use the template below when creating your activity.

Activity Name:

Activity Description:

  • This activity is effective because…
  • Here are some steps to help you use this activity in your classroom:

            Step 1:

            Step 2:

            Step 3:




7. Provide feedback

10 minutes

KWL chart


8. Assess performance


10 minutes

Exit tickets

Participants complete exit tickets

9. Enhance retention and transfer


15 minutes


 After participants share an activity in the group, they think about other groups’ activities. They find at least one or two new activities that they can use in their next class. Ask them to apply a new activity from this module in their next class. If it is a success tell others why it was a success next week.



Video 1

Video 2

Video 3



Increasing classroom interaction