Workshop plan Principles 5-6

Workshop Training Plan Template



Workshop Title:  Principle 5. Monitor and assess student language development.

                               Principle 6. Engage and Collaborate within a community of practice.

Workshop Description: This workshop gives a clear picture on how to monitor and assess student language development. As well as how to engage and collaborate within a community of practice.


Gagné’s Nine Events of Instruction


1. Gain attention

 Warm up:    Activity "Find someone who…" is aimed to revise 1-4 principles.


Reflection Questions:

1.How do you check on students` progress in learning and using English?

2. How often do you asses your young learners? What do those assessments look like?

3. What are the ways you give your students feedback? How do you give corrective feedback?



Cards Find someone who


2. Inform learners of objectives

Participants will be able to

- to take notes of student errors

- to give prompt and specific feedback to students in a positive and effective way

- use a variety of assessments to inform teaching and improve learning.

- do self-reflection


3. Stimulate recall of prior learning

Scavenger Hunt activity to help introduce and review vocabulary which participants will use during training of the 6 Ps.

Stimulate participants beliefs in applying on best practices of Principles 5 and 6


4. Present the content

Video 1.  Principle 5: Monitor and assess student language development.


Activity Four corners

PPT about Ps 5 from the 6 Principles





5. Guide learning

 Reflection Questions to brainstorm.

  1. Who do you talk to and share teaching ideas with frequently?

What types of ideas do you share?

  1. Are there ways you think about or reflect on your teaching?

Do you share your insights or questions with anyone?

  1. Do you engage with other teaching professionals in your school, your institution, your region, your country or around the world? In what ways?



Activity “Stand up and Sit Down”


Video 2. Principle 6: Engage and collaborate within a community of practice.


  Activity “Around the Clock”














6. Elicit performance (practice)

 Micro teaching. Participants work in groups to demonstrate how to organize their workshop to teach principles

Practice clear instruction, performance and adaptation

7. Provide feedback

Feedback is given in a friendly way to polish participants' understanding of principles 5-6. It can be done with Praise, Question, Polish form.






8. Assess performance

 Assessment can be done by checking participants' performance and the final product of their creativity and adaptation of information boxes to the demand of students.


Exit ticket.


Exit ticket.

9. Enhance retention and transfer

 Activity:  Mingle Review Card

Participants should write a question from Participle 5 or 6 and exchange with others by mingling.

Demonstration of ready- made templates.



Principles 5-6