Workshop plan Principles 1-2

Workshop Training Plan Template



Workshop Title: The 6 principles for exemplary teaching of English learners

Workshop Description: Do you know your learners? What are the ways of creating a friendly environment in the classroom? This interactive workshop will present tips for collecting information about your learners and creating positive conditions for learning English.


Gagné’s Nine Events of Instruction

1. Gain attention

  • Warm up activity: The great wind blows for everyone who….
  • Quote: “All Students can earn and succeed, but not the same way and not in the same day… “


  • “Go as far you can see, learn as more you can do and your efforts will be rewarded”

2. Inform learners of objectives

 PPT slide objectives by the end of workshop participants will be able to plan lessons to collect and use information about students - create positive and organized classrooms.

3. Stimulate recall of prior learning

 What are the benefits of demonstrating teachers have high expectations of all students?

  • Mini lecture on the topic. 

4. Present the content

 PPT which presents advantages of P1 and P2 and organize activities for each of them. To teach teachers to present a list of reasons for using an activity.

5. Guide learning

 After presentation activity No1, you can organize an activity “Find some who” for information about your learners. For creating a positive and friendly environment, organize “concentric circle” activity. For getting more information about your learners you can do “Gallery work”. In this activity participants should bring a photo describing their life.

6. Elicit performance (practice)

Work in groups, apply one activity which represents the best practices of Ps 1 and 2. 

7. Provide feedback

 In groups, participants demonstrate their plan to teach Ps 1 and 2 and how to use them in their teaching context.

Pass out slips of paper for participants to write down feedback using Praise- Question-Polish (P-Q-P). Collect the slips of paper and give them to the group.

Give each group feedback using P-Q-P.  

8. Assess performance

3-2-1 Exit ticket

9. Enhance retention and transfer

 Before the end of the workshop ask participants to choose the most liked activity and think about the ways of adapting it to their teaching process.



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